Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So, who made it to Boracay for a quick beach-capade?


We're back and I'm posting some of the cool photos me and the sunkissed dolly who went with me and the family to the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines :)

Enjoy, dearies...

So, were you able to guess that it was Sue who party-ed with me during the trip? I know Sue has had travels with me in the past already but her tan and surfer-girl attitude, I just couldn't resist :)

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Also, another shameless plug: these new outfits will be available on my Etsy store by the weekend :)

Chat with you next time, guys :)


P.S. Boracay is one of the best beaches in the whole world to date. So if you're planning on traveling around Asia in the future, you might wanna hit that beautiful powdery sands, crystal clear waters, fun nightlife and warm Filipino hospitality of this island :) I assure you, it will be a wonderful experience never to be missed in a lifetime :)


  1. Hello from Spain, i enjoy your pics. Your doll is very cool and fashion. Awesome outfits. Keep in touch

    1. Hey there, Marta :)
      These outfits are from my newest mini-collection, Crazy for Paisley, out sooner via my Etsy shop, atelierniSHASHA.
      Thanks so much, as always, for dropping by my blog, dear :)
      Have a great day to you!

  2. She is gorgeous and she wears your new outfits quite well! Great pictures! Next time you need a companion for a great trip, think of me. I'm sure with a little work, I can squeeze into a suitcase.

    1. Hehehe I'm sure you (or your doll who will surely fit in my suitcase ;-P) will love it there, Vanessa :)

  3. Oh man, someone had a GREAT time! I really love her black and white paisley dress too!

    And the photo of her floating in the pool XD

    1. Hey, Heather! She looks relaxed, no?
      Thanks so much your dropping by, dear :)

  4. Sue looks like she enjoyed her Boracay trip! Cool! :)


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