Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sassy Romper: The Full Tutorial

Yey! I'm so excited to show you guys this one. I've been wanting to do this as a giveaway on my first anniversary. However, due to my super tight schedule back then, the project always seemed to sit at the bottom of the priority list. This time, though, I made sure I finished it and here it is :)

AtelierniSHASHA presents...

The Sassy Romper Full Tutorial 

Fabric - preferably cotton, half a yard can already make a bunch
Thread - should match your fabric
Needle or Sewing machine
Elastic band or thin ribbon for tying romper to a snug fit
Measuring tape, ruler, pen and paper, scissors

Take the following measurements from your doll. Refer to the illustration and further description for more details.
Get your doll measurements now :)

Center Front – Measure from the center of chest where you want the top part of the romper to start, down to the navel area. This will be the length of your tube top part.
Crotch Length – Measure from navel through the bottom of crotch to the center back waistline. Divide by two to get your crotch length for front and back. 
Or to be more accurate, get the following specifically:
a. Front Crotch – Measure from navel/waistline to bottom of crotch.
b. Back Crotch – Measure from bottom of crotch to back waist level.
Widest Hip – Wrap your measuring tape around her widest hips and note the measurement.
Outseam – Measure from waistline down to your desired pants length.
Inseams – Measure from bottom of crotch to your desired pants length.
Thigh Circumference – Wrap your measuring tape around your doll’s thickest part, then take the measurement you prefer. 
Cuff Thickness – Decide how thick your cuffs will be and note.


Cut up the eight patterns shown in the photo. 

Your TOP (a and b) is made up of two equal parts that measure:

Width = 0.5cm (seam allowance) + [Widest Hip / 2] + 0.5cm (seam allowance)
Length = 1.0cm (seam and neckline elastic tubing allowance) + Center Front + 1.5cm (seam and waistline elastic tubing allowance)
Your PANTS (c, d, e and f) are basically four parts that measure a bit trickier. To create your pants patterns, you may want to draw on the fabric first before cutting. Try these:

      • On the wrong side of the fabric, draw a horizontal line and mark a length that measures your [Widest Hip / 4]. 
      • Draw vertical lines on both sides.
      • Mark your Outseam measurements and draw a horizontal line to connect.
      • From the bottom horizontal line or the pant cuff hem, mark your inseam length from down up and draw a horizontal line. 
      • From your inseam and line, mark your [Thigh Circumference / 2 ] measurement. You will get a slanted line when you connect this mark to the pant cuff hem line.
      • To get your front crotch angle, place your measuring tape as shown and mark where you want the crotch line to be. Make sure your length is equal to your front crotch measurement. Make two of the same patterns. 
      • Repeat all these steps to make your two back pants patterns.

Your PANT CUFFS (g and h) are basically two equal parts that measure:
Width = 0.5cm (seam allowance) + [Widest Hip / 2] + 0.5cm (seam allowance)
Length = 0.5cm (seam allowance) + Desired Cuff Length + 0.5cm (seam allowance)


Sew each of the top’s sides and press seams flat.


Hem the neck and waistlines, leaving about 1 cm undone which we will later use as hole for inserting our elastic bands or ribbons.

Pair up your front and back pant patterns and sew their outseams. 

Prepare your pant cuffs.

Sew the wrong side of your cuff on the wrong side of the connected pant parts.

Fold the cuff to the front of the pants (showing both right sides) and hem. Do the same for the other pant part.

Join the front crotch of your pants. 

Attach your pants to the waistline of the top.

Connect the back crotch parts carefully, keeping the top away from the needle.

Close the inseams.

Insert your elastic bands or ribbons into the top and waistline “tubes” and finish your garment by closing these “holes”.

There you go, your Sassy Romper :) Kei, on the background, seems to like it :)

This is just a basic romper. You can always embellish this per your personal style :)

I hope you will try this romper out, too as I thought it's really a simple but fun outfit. This can be completed using a hand sewing needle, too, just like how I do it back in the olden days.

Let me know, okay? I'd be ecstatic if you try it out and show me your own creations :)


  1. Hello from Spain: thanks for the tutorial. Keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta, thanks very much, dear.

  2. Great tutorial. I hope I get a chance to try one of these. I'll definitely let you know.

    1. Oh, that would be really fun, Vanessa :) Thanks so much, dear :)

  3. ooh, im so inspired to do this
    wish me luck (coz im going to do it by hand)

    1. Sending you lots of luck out ther, Tet! I‘m so excited to see your own version of the sassy romper!


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