Monday, February 3, 2014

the newly furnished receiving area . . . MY FIRST EVER DIORAMA!!!

After months and months and months of longing to get my hands on this little corner of a house so my girls can rest fabulously while waiting for their fitting sessions or a chat with me, I finally made something!!! I must admit it took me a really looooooongggg time to start doing it, so please bear, dolly friends. 

It's not complete yet, but Violet was so eager to drop by after her Sunday mass that I need to take photos! Here's a short tour to this tiny place while my dear Violet drops in some of her Anglophile-ish comments. Enjoy...  :)

Vi says as she surveys the area, " Shasha, I don't understand why you call yourself an artist and I don't see any of your paintings in this sad, white wall?"

"I'll get to that next week, don't worry", I replied.

"I like that you injected some fun little things around here in between your sad, gray couch and equally cold, white walls", she added, rather nicely.
Yup, that lady can be a total b**ch sometimes, but that's the reason why I love her - she's just downright honest.

"Hmmm, I don't thoroughly comprehend this combination, but I respect you as a creative and a friend of mine."
I told you, she is a darling. Don't be fooled by those looks.

Vi picks one of the fashion magazines dolly friend Michaela gave me and sighed, " It's growing on me..."
Awwww.... coming from her, that's just so cool!!!

She likes it so much that she suggested I take photos of my dolly clothes in here, in this very room! 
How sweet of her, no? I think I just might like the idea, too. Why not?
Why not try a shot...

Vi posing for me, trying to convince me to use the room as my shoot studio.
And she has totally convinced me! That lady is a bomb!

What do you guys think? Do you like my new receiving area cum photoshoot studio?

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!!!


  1. I Think this room will do just fine. Love the flooring!

    1. Hihihihi Love that you love it, grandmommy! :D

  2. Great Job! I love Vi's dress and the photo of the woman in her wedding dress.

    1. Thanks, dear. That dress is one of my first designs back when I started :) The photo was from my old Vogue magazine teehee :)


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