Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bohemian Summer Music Festival Outfits now on Etsy!!

Boy, can my life get any busier?
Family, work, events, last-minute (aka kinda-stressful) shopping and some life-size sewing to wear for an important event.
But of course, there's no complaining here :)
We love life as it is!

So, a week.
Yup, it took me a week to just list these boho babies in Etsy.

My hip modern bohemian ladies in Summer Festival outfits - which are now in Etsy! Yay!
And speaking of real, life-size sewing.. I may share some of the stuff I made for myself in the past.
Not a lot really. It's more of, "I don't wanna buy from the mall because I can make them!" kind of creations. 

Okies, gotta go and I hope you don't mind the quickie and shameless plug :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, guys.


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