Sunday, June 1, 2014

Travel souvenirs as diorama items, anyone?

Travel souvenirs can be great addition to your diorama, too!

 Whenever I go to new places, I always look for tiny items that I can add into my diorama. 
Souvenir and non-souvenir alike, that I find fitting into my collection, I never miss!

When we had our recent beach-capade, I did look for some potential treasures in the souvenir shops. 
I did not have enough time, though. When we typical female shoppers say enough, you'd kind of automatically get an idea how long it should take, right? haha!
I was travelling with my boys, and my boys crave nothing else but my utmost attention – meaning less time for dolls and stuff.
When we checked out the souvenir shops, I did find anklets and bracelets. One bracelet I used as strap for Tamica’s halter top. While hubs and son were in between deciding beach shirts and anklets, I sneaked in some quickie around the key chains. 
I didn't find ones I liked so I thought I'd come back to the shops later, alone preferably while the boys are resting at the hotel.

A Tarsier fridge magnet from the island of Bohol is cozying up with Bree

I did plan. But lo and behold! Life got in the way. 
Apparently, we got back home to the city with me empty-handed, of diorama treasures, that is. 
I was a bit disappointed and for a few weeks I was feeling ho-hum with my diorama until I started working on the music festival outfits. While looking at Cece and Bree wearing those outfits, something hit me. 

I now remembered the trinkets I was keeping, most of which I received mostly from a dear friend who used to travel a lot for work. She never fails to bring us tiny souvenirs, that travel-savvy lady who knows exactly where to wine and dine! I immediately dug into my old shoe boxes filled with items I just can’t throw away. 

These are just some of the souvenirs I have bought in my trips, and also received over the years.
I still have a lot in my treasure box from friends, and I'm sure I could find other ways to showcase those, too.

My diorama now looks like a room of an eclectic, 
collecting souvenirs in every place she has visited.

What about your diorama item hunting stories? 
Do you have tips and tricks you can share? 
Come on, pretty please let us know, okay?



  1. Hello from Spain: I like to buy souvenirs of my travels. Fabulous .. We keep in touch

    1. Hey Marta... thanks for dropping by, dear.

  2. Replies
    1. Awww, thanks, Brini... I only need to have a shelf to showcase them in the dolly living room ... Another diorama addition, up next!

  3. I adore little travel trinkets. I manage to always get something. I love getting trinkets from my friends who travel too. I have so many little things that I love. I will get around to pics & inventory one day :O)

    1. Hey Anika! Yes, bring out that box of trinkets of yours, and I bet it's gonna be fun!


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