Because I don't get tired of looking at Kei...

Hey, you!
Weekend's almost here again!
How happy can a corporate slave like me get?
Tee hee...

Anywhoo, I remembered that I promised to share some photos I took of lovely Ms. Kei Kobayashi when she dropped by the atelier about a month ago...
To know more about this menina bonita,
please check out this exclusive post about her :)

Okay so here are photos..

Hope you liked the photos!



  1. She is beautiful! I was thinking about selling mine...hmmmm. Where did you get the cute little elephant? I love it!

    1. Hey Georgia Girl! She is mesmerizing in her sweet, simple way.. Sometimes, when I feel like letting go of a doll, I immediately redress her aimlessly, trying to dig out a distinct character in there and usually, I find/make one :)

      That elephant that used to be a key chain was given to me as a present by a friend after her business trip in Bali, Indonesia. I like it too.. It just easily belongs in my diorama set :)


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