Restocking a few Classic atelierniSHASHA outfits...

Hey hey dollies...
Whew, had this week and the past one the busiest or what?

Anyways, I just gotta share that one time the other week, Jon Copeland, as most of you know, a really talented doll faceup artist, posted a photo in Facebook his recent work wearing this striped slip dress.
And since he provided the link to my shop and said that he is loving the tiny dress,
VOILA...everyone just came flocking in to my shop!
And you know the rest of the story.
(me on my worktable the entire weekend ahaha!)

Sophia in the Striped Slip Dress

This time, I am re-listing yet again another outfit - the ruffled romper.

Sue strolling the Boracay sands wearing the Ruffled Romper
This romper has been like the summer outfit of the year, even though I released the first batch last year.
But then again, I'm super thankful everyone is starting to notice this cute one.

And also, the Aya dress..
I am recreating this one in a beautiful paisley print (the fabric in Sue's pants below),
and this time it will fit Poppy Parker!
Poppy Parker fans, watch out for this soon on my Etsy shop...

So there you go... the latest from the atelier.
I'll let you know what I have done over the weekend!

Have a great, exciting weekend, everybody!!!

hugs hugs,


  1. Love your shop! Your work is amazing and the talk of fb dolly fans! So excited to get my cute slip dress etc. looking forward to more of your fab creations.

    1. Awww Cecile, thank you so much! It really is so exciting and very inspiring to hear and see people appreciate your work.
      I can't wait to get my hands on my fabrics and make those designs (in my head for a long time) into tiny little garments. I gotta make time this time. Thank you so much, again...


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