(Then country star) Taylor Swift-inspired shoot, a few thoughts and a new Etsy listing

It’s funny how one can be so passionate about something that you draw in as much people unexpectedly. 
I remember back when I was a kid sitting in a corner while the other children run around and play with each other. 
Nope, I’m not your resident geeky kid as there were countless memorable times of running around.
Most often though, it's sketching/drawing that ate up my time. 
Then when I started doodling there at the corner, kids run to me and watch what I come up with. 
And unlike several pressing moments when people expect something from you, I don’t feel pressured. 
I thrived! I like to make more, as if I had a long story to continue telling them – it’s like performing!

I just remember those moments because earlier I had an Etsy conversation with a 12 year old. 
She was asking me where I got my dolls and my furniture.
I quite get these questions in Etsy a lot and I am more than happy to answer. 
And most of these conversations become personal chit chats, and I really love it. 
These people I talk to are from different age ranges. 
I even met someone who grew up a town away from my hometown, but she is now in the states. 
I regularly talk with a couple dolly pals who are my mom's age! Isn't that cool, or what?
Also, about a few weeks ago, I had my own share of 15-minute fame in Facebook when doll repaint master Jon Copeland posted his beautifully repainted doll wearing my tiny striped slip dress. It was so rad that everyone started to love that dress, too! Then friends started to give me favor by sharing my works to other dollectors, and the rest is history :)
Nothing beats being recognized by your peers!

So, yeah I thought, wow! How nice this could be – uniting people of different races, culture, generation through your art! Sharing your thoughts, and dreams and just be silly around without being judged. It's like I'm talking to my past and my future - but still the same old person :)

And yeah, speaking of sharing.. I have here my Dynamite girls Sue and Sunny in a Taylor Swift (back when she hadn’t converted from country star to pop star yet) –inspired shoot, featuring my latest Aya dress
I hope you enjoy the pics and this post!

Hugs hugs!


  1. I agree, it is amazing how our passions for collecting connects us all. I love the dress, it is really cute. I am amazed how you can find scale size textiles. It is nice to have the recognition from our peers too and you do deserve it.

    1. Thanks so much, Brini.. I know I have relied to this comment of yours before but blogger keeps on not putting it here... I hope this gets through this time... Again thanks..


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