Monday, June 25, 2018

A weird monday...

Hey doll-lings ❤️

So, it's Monday here and of course I have a fresh weekly to-do list. Most of the time, I get so excited for Mondays. This time though, it's a little challenging. 

I was chillin' the entire weekend, that is why... 

I'll try to manage my time well as I only have this week to make my son his school pants, grab some school supplies and prepare his new books. That's not really as stressing, compared to my current project which is the 2018 tote bag. I realised that I have very little left to use of those small eyelets because some of them have rusted. I am now soaking them in vinegar, but if that fails, I'll head to the bookstore or hardware shop to hopefully find those 2mm (hole radius) ones. If that still fails, I'll be ordering online and that means it will arrive in two weeks. Now you see why I'm a little stressed over this one.

I also have other things in my list that seem to add to the pressure because I know I should have done them days/weeks ago. 

The trick to get out of this is to accept that I may be able to only offer the totes at the shop in two weeks. Actually, I feel lighter now just saying that. Truth is, I always mess up when I share my WIP in social media and then not delivering on intended date. It's frustrating to frustrate doll friends who've been counting on you. I know i shouldn't beat my self up, so yeah... breath, Shasha... This week's gonna go well 😉 Don't think too much - just do what needs to be done during the present. Focus on the now 😘

Hope you have a great week, loves 🖤❤️🖤


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