Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I'm back...

Hey hey doll-ings... First of all, thank you for coming over and being here, reading this post. I honestly don't know how to start this but I'll proceed with it anyway.

Some months ago, I did a lot of rethinking and decided to lie-low, do my stuff and not write about it in blogpost format. It was liberating and I became more appreciative of what I have in the present. I still share what I do, but in tiny tidbits thru Instagram because really, it makes a lot things easier for a self-employed crafter that way. You knkw, snap a photo and share your thoughts and there, like a microblog.

A post shared by Shasha 🌞 Ravacio (@ateliernishasha) on

A post shared by Shasha 🌞 Ravacio (@ateliernishasha) on

But over the following months, I also kept thinking about the many posts I had wanted to write about years ago. I still wanted to talk about how I run my shop and juggling everything, including personal life, in hopes that I can inspire others to maybe find a beloved craft and open a shop someday. I even already had a list of articles to write about, and the schedule of posting.

Just when I was about to write that first post in the series, I received a news from Etsy. It's a sad news for us small crafters because they are bumping up their sales fees. I asked then, how can I evangelize such an option of running an Etsy shop when I myself might not be able to afford the services in the future anymore? If I can't, can a newly established shop even sustain for a month? Thinking about this made me blank in between working on my little garments.

Oh well, I thought. If someone still wants to try running a shop, the high fees really won't stop her, right? I mean, some 7 years ago, I never really cared about the fees, I just wanted to make my dolls some clothes and share my other creations to the world. I guess, continuing with my plan isn't that bad at all.

With all that sorted out, I'm officially back and really happy to have decided so. I may not be able to write as comprehensively as before because like right now, I am actually blogging from my phone. I want to be in the now and this is what my weather is like now.

Chat with you in my next post, loves ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Hi Shasha, nice to see you back! Ebay is expensive, is it now the same on Etsy? I wonder if there are other places to sell where not high fees are asked. Anyway, I'm glad that you are continuing with your shop :-).
    Hugs! Linda

    1. Hey Linda... How's it going? Yes, I will still have my shop despite the high fees (5% of both item and shipping) .. Until I find a cheaper way to process my transactions without hassling my buyers, i will have to stick wwith Etsy 😉 I was looking at running my own domain and online shop thru wix or shopify but I'm not sure if they're cheaper in the long run.. I only sell several items a week so i don't really need a big system to run my transactions. I could even probably do with just emails.. I don't know yet, we'll see 😉 Thanks so much for dropping by, Linds..

  2. It is very interesting. I love all the things you share and see your beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing with everyone. I know everything about you. It's great and it's great.


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