Sketching a Capsule Wardrobe for Hans

 Hey, dollings. 

Just a quick weekend little thing for you. I sketched this capsule wardrobe for Hans, and I'll be using it to test color combinations for the planned fashions and such. 

I thought you might want to have a copy for some coloring book (only this one is just a page) session this weekend so I'm having the file downloadable here. If you don't have a google account, send me an email at 

If you haven't yet, you can download a copy of my fashion sketches coloring book here, too. 

Have a safe and restful weekend, loves!



  1. Hello Shasha! Your sketches look fantastic! The poses, the clothes, the details... After many years of not drawing, I did try to sketch a while back and it was a disaster! I am intrigued by the process of creating a capsule wardrobe, from choosing the pieces to selecting a color palette.
    Wish you a safe and fun weekend ahead

    1. Thanks so much, MC! All these details were pretty much referenced from Pinterest because there's just so much to love out there! Yes, true - since drawing is just the same as any skill, not practicing it for a while will leave you scrambling again :D As for creating a capsule wardrobe, it's important to have a character and his story. Everything else will easily come out ;)

  2. I love your designs! I actually like dressing up male dolls more than the girls. It's harder to find male doll clothes, but something about the styling seems to lend more to creativity.

    1. Thanks, dear Champagne ❤️ I've also been enjoying dress-ups with my Ken dolls recently. I feel like they're easier to style. With just a shirt and pants, they already look good! I mean, is that because I'm a woman and I naturally like men, errr, male dolls, in tgis case? Don't worry, my goal for this capsule wardrobe is to come up with as many stylish outfits for the Ken 😉😉😉


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