My Final Anniversary Giveaway: Why nobody wants it

Hello, dolling! Thanks so much for coming back to my blog.

You probably are curious why our latest giveaway didn't cut it. I, too, am a bit curious but I might have a few ideas why this happened. Let's discuss some and if you have other ideas, let me know your thoughts, too, okies?

One reason that comes to mind right away is the accountability that I am asking for in return. Our friend MC of Monstercrafts did admit that making one piece of doll garment a month might be impossible for her. I felt sorry that I never thought from that perspective. I sincerely expected that making one piece for four weekends is doable. My mistake was that I have based that idea on how I started learning to make doll clothes 10 years ago. And that I didn't ask around enough. My first lesson from this is to do more market research before launching anything.

The second reason I'm citing is the lengthy entry that one has to make to be able to join. Requiring one to list 10 patterns that they like from my shop and provide a reason why - probably are again too much to ask for. Listing 10 patterns they want to see from my shop in the future could've worked. Again, no market research to back up my entry requirement, only based on my own experience. 

Another area that I thought would shoo people away from the prize is the additional work of reflecting upon the experience of making each piece. Indeed, reflecting is a thing that needs time and deep awareness, something so hard to achieve in this world we live in right now.

And lastly, I think my giveaway just simply doesn't look easy enough. How sad to know that I have worked as an editor back in the day, and I still talk way too much. I have said too many things that I guess the whole thing became too confusing and I was never able to end the blog post with a super clear, easy-to-do call to action for even someone who already was interested to join. I made the giveaway too difficult to even bother joining in.

Looking back at my September celebration, the other giveaways were successful because I had done a bit of research before launching them. The weekend discounts were a hit because discounts are always a hit. Imagine getting something you want at a lesser cost. That is surely a great thing, right? And the coaching sessions giveaway, although especially new to me, brought in interested people, because I think people have seen the value of guidance in it. Coree, one of the coaching winners, even chose to keep her coaching sessions than winning unlimited access to the patterns.

I have discussed this with my husband and he said I wasn't really giving a giveaway. He said it was a trade, and it blew me because I realized he was right. I was asking way too much in return it didn't feel like the winners are winning. And I feel sorry that it turned out like something I didn't want it to be. 

Nevertheless, I am very thankful to learn from this setback. Having a business is about wanting to solve other people's pains, not necessarily just mine. Unfortunately, it was the latter that's been ruling my head since day one. I started this venture to solve my own problems, to make my own doll clothes so that I don't need to buy cheap-looking ones mass-produced by playline doll companies. I started this venture so that I can dress my dolls in high-quality pieces similar to those sold by collectible companies. 

And now that my ventures have evolved to mainly serve my community, I should be mindful to operate like one, right? I should be more mindful of your situation. I should get to know you more. I should listen more about your needs. I have already solved my own problem - thanks to the seed that started it all - now it's time I listen in to help alleviate yours.

Thank you so much for letting me realize this, my dollings. It is such a wonderful awakening and I am so excited to be helping you make your crafting session less difficult and even more fun.

Chat later, loves!



  1. Hi Shasha. I don't think it's impossible or not doable in general, but for me personaly, it won't be easy. I can't sew very well yet, so I will make mistakes and have to redo things. For someone who's more skilled, it will be easier. It also depends on each person's specific circumstances and how busy they are with other projects. It could be doable, but I just know myself and, for the most part, my projects tend to take me way longer than I expected, so even if I tried to plan out I would have setbacks. Is not that your expectations were too much, it's just me.

    I do understand the reason behind asking for some "proof" that they're making outfits. If it were me, I would want to know that the person that won the prize is making the most of it. I would also feel some kind of way if I won it instead of a person that might get more use of it. I'm also considering if people not joining could have been that not many people saw it. I've noticed that some people have been quieter this past month.

    It was a great prize, don't get me wrong, but maybe it would be easier to giveaway just a handful of patterns. Let the winner choose 3 patterns from your shop. That way they can pick what they really want.

    Wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful insights, my friend MC. Everything you said was absolutely right and apparently, these are some things I've missed to consider. I was so set on the version of myself 10 years ago that I forgot that our community does have different crafting skill levels, time availability and goals 😁
      I guess it seemed like I was forcing the winner into committing to learn the craft. I really felt sad how it seemed to be like this but my intention really was to somewhat correct my own past mistakes, and that is not documenting and reflecting enough on my past works. My blog wasn't much about my crafting nor thought process back in the earlier years and this could be the reason why my progress was slow. I thought now that reflecting on our work more often will speed up our learning process.

      And yes, you are right, I have not talked about this giveaway enough in my social channels, perhaps because I already somehow knew it wouldn't be a hit.
      You are right about such a simple prize of three patterns with no strings attached would have been enough.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts as always, my dear. It's always refreshing to have such honest conversations about our tiny ventures.
      I'm surely going to have a lovely weekend, thank you 😘 And I wish you an even lovelier one there ❤️ Much love, shasha


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