Wednesday, April 7, 2021

atelierniSHASHA How-to: Siargao Tote Bags for 1:6-scale Fashion Dolls


Hello, dollings! 

I had been looking into my old drive the past few months and one of the gems I have forgotten is this tutorial to make tote bags!

Well, I thought it was a gem, despite it being recorded in portrait orientation because I'm sure at least someone out there can learn something from it, right?

Of course, it deserves its own solo shot ;)

I had made several tote bag designs in the past, like this bestselling one, but it's only with this Siargao tote bag that I was able to document my process. Finally, I'll have something to refer to on how to make one, and I can share the process with you guys, too!

So, as I was saying, the tutorial!

The process is now up on my youtube channel, so please check it out if you wanna see how I make this staple summer piece for our little dollings.

For this lined tote bag project, I used the following tools and materials:
Main fabric
(7x3.50 sq-in or 18x9sq-cm, already includes seam allowances)
Lining fabric 
(5.5x6.75 sq-in or 14x17sq-cm, already includes seam allowances)
Threads (matching your fabrics)
Sewing machine or hand-sewing needle/s
Pair of scissors 
Marker (pencil)
Ruler/measuring tape
Basting pins
Fabric glue
Natural fibers for bag straps

Tote bags, for me, are indispensable, as I carry a lot of stuff like it's already the end of the world! LOL!
Naturally, my dolls do the same hahaha

But lately, I had been back to character designing again, and with this, I could venture into different styles for different characters. I'm so excited for this new era for atelierniSHASHA.

Some of you probably already know that I am currently just focusing on my digital patterns business, as it is still challenging to ship my doll clothes internationally.
The last time I checked with my post office, only the US, Canada, and Japan accept our parcels.
And they arrive up to three months!
There are other options, like DHL and FedEx, but oh my gosh, the steep prices!

So, I am thinking of ways to still get the ball rolling for my doll clothes line, and I am hoping that this new way of share with you my passion for designing clothing for dolls will also be an efficient way to keep up with the economy. I'm always positive, as I work hard to achieve these tiny dreams of mine.

As always, I thank you guys for all the love and support for my little craft since the beginning.
I hope to continue sharing with you my knowledge and love for miniature crafting, for as long as I can.

See you in the next post and take good, good care of yourself and your loved ones.
We are in these even more challenging times, and I wish you all clarity and love, always.

much love,


  1. Hello Shasha! Those totebags are very cute. I've never seen such small eyelets, so maybe you could also stich around the hole so it doesn't fray? I hope that your patterns business is succesful, specially since shipping is harder due to the pandemic.

    Maybe I should stick to my own business and not ask this, but have you considered monetizing your Youtube channel? I believe you need 1.000 subscribers, but you're pretty close. I have my blog monetized but it barely gives any money per month, so I'm seriously considering moving on to Youtube. Currently I don't have any sources of income, so I would love to earn a bit of money somewhere, even if it's not enough to make a living out of it.

    Hope you're staying safe and healthy. Have a lovely rest of the week.

    1. Hey hey, MC! Yay, I'm glad you liked the tote bag :D I like it a lot, too, but I couldn't sell any for now due to post office service restrictions. Sure, you can also stitch around the holes, but I'm lazy so the glue will do the job hehheeh

      Sure, I do have plans to monetize it, just waiting to get to 1k subs, and 4,000hr watch time. The latter is the harder part, I believe. For now, that is not my immediate goal as I guess will do it for me. I just focus on making content that I hope will be helpful enough for more crafters.

      You should try doing youtube, too! It's free and it's a fun way to document your journey into, well, just about anything. I used to write a lot, but now, I'm enjoying taking vids and editing them. Took me a while to learn a new video editing software, but eventually, you'll get a hang of it. I'd say, it's fun to build moving frames and create your own film ;)

      You, too, take goood care of yourself and your loved ones. The only thing we can do in these difficult times is to stay healthy and sane together. Thanks much again for dropping, my dear..<3


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