How to Sew Invisible Pockets on Doll Shorts and Trousers

Welcome, August! I am seeing a super busy month ahead for me, but I am very excited! 

10-year Anniversary Coming Up!

2021 is pretty much 10 years after I started my Etsy shop, this blog, my youtube channel, and most of my social media accounts. I usually celebrate anniversaries with doll clothes giveaways, OOAK doll contests, and sewing pattern super sales, but this time honestly, I can't think of something better than the previous ones.

Maybe you can suggest even awesomer ideas, my dear?

One of my biggest plans for the last few years was to sit down and revamp this blog to look the way that it serves my readers better. I had been tweaking settings here and there for years but never really did full-on planning and execution because I guess it's just a little too hard to do everything for your little venture. But I think maybe it's time I do a little revamp, seriously. It's been here for 10 years now, after all ;)

Any tips you guys have for this blog?

Perhaps, while I wait for your suggestion, I could share my latest work with you.

New Youtube Tutorial and Sewing Pattern

I have finally edited that 2020 video recording of me making invisible pockets on Poppy Parker high-waist shorts. I had been working on it on and off for months, but keep forgetting it when I'm super immersed in my other projects. But last week, I gave it three days and finally, they're up! Here's the link if you haven't watched them yet ;) And for those who want to print copies of the instructions, here's the link to it ;

I also released the sewing pattern I made related to this youtube tutorial and it was for the Poppy Parker doll. 

By the way, please take advantage of my shop's August discount coupon code LETSDOTHIS, live on August 3 Manila time, and get 20% off your regular items. Please grab this monthly-held, one-day-only sale for your August crafting projects. Here's the link, guys.

I will add two more patterns this week that will tap into this instruction video series - the Wide-leg trousers for Fashion Royalty dolls and the Culottes for Curvy. 

Both ladies have invisible pockets on their pants ;)

These patterns had been sitting in my inventory for a long time, but never really got to share because there was no video to accompany them. But this week, I am so happy to be sharing them with you, Fashion Royalty and Curvy Made to Move fans out there!

Plans for the next 10 years and beyond

Okay, so I realized that this doll-related venture had been quite massive in terms of skills that I have honed, content I have created, miniature pieces I have made, the lessons learned, you - my blog readers, and the shop clients I have connected with, WOW!

I had been contemplating about my experience this past year and there is so much more to do. But I don't need to stress myself too much with all the things I have to create because I have all my life to do this, right?

All this had been my childhood dream, to sit in a corner and build something with my hands and my mind. I would have never done it any other way. My mom told me in 2015 when she visited me here, as she first saw my corner of the house, she said, "Ga (short for "pinangga, or pangga", a loving nickname most girls in my part of the country are called), this has always been your dream - your own office." Hahahha it was funny at that time, but she was right. I always had a nook in my room, as a child, pretending to run things from my desk. And as I grew older, when I was publishing my own comic book in high school, my desk had always been busy. Although oftentimes, I drew my comics at our balcony since it's refreshing there and natural light is everything. You doll photography people know this for sure ;)

So yeah, while I write this, I am just feeling so grateful to my old self for actually taking the plunge. I have not met so many people in my life who follow their dreams. And to the few friends who did, I admire them from the bottom of my heart because of all the conditioning we've been given since birth, regardless of our community, race, country - it's never easy to go against the flow.

So, kudos, 10-year younger Shasha, and thank you so much.

And to you guys who've been here since my first cringe-worthy content, I love you all and I love what I do for myself and for you and I will continue to do this because it makes me smile (right now, if someone sees me from my window, smiling, they'd be like --that lady is nuts..) and makes my life more worth living. Sure, I'd look like some crazy doll lady to others, but man, this venture has taught me so much more in life than sitting in a classroom for 16 years, and on a work desk for at least 10 years. Life is great, with all its up and downs so I am very lucky to be experiencing it with you guys, my family and the rest of the world. 

So, yeah. Thank you again for always dropping by, sharing your thoughts, doing your thing, loving your life - let's make the world go round as it should.

See you around!

love lots,




  1. I love how this post wasn't actually about pockets, but about some deeper stuff, as usual.
    10 years is quite a milestone. This year I completely forgot about my 8th bloggoversary, but it still feels like yesterday when I first posted on my blog (what I would also call cringe-worthy content). I do still remember "meeting" you on Doll Observers. You posted some gorgeous photos, including a doll wearing sunglasses because her face paint was messed up.

    Speaking of childhood dreams, when I was little there was a Barbie magazine in Spain that included some photostories with beautiful scenes. I liked them so much that I really wanted that to be my job when I grew up, something that my parents would laugh at. I just thought about it a few days ago, when I realized I'm kind of living that dream on my blog, where I get to create doll house scenes. I do agree with you, it's not easy to go against the flow and do your own thing. Here we're told you need a 9 to 5 job, and that you can't complain if the conditions aren't good, because you must hustle in order to buy stuff. And the fancier the stuff you buy, the better. I do want to have job, but I don't want one that makes me miserable in order to buy a holiday home and fancy stuff that I won't have time to enjoy because I'm always working.

    For your anniversary, I do understand wanting to do something special because 10 years is such a milestone, but what you've been doing so far is fine. Considering the whole pandemic situation, I would do some sort of pattern giveaway or give a secret discount cupon to your blog readers. The only other idea that I have is to giveaway a one on one sewing or drawing class via videocall.

    I wish you a very happy anniversary and I hope I can see more content from you in the next 10+ years.

    1. Nyahahahah You know what? I did start the post with an invitation to check out my how latest tutorial, but somehow I remembered about what my mom said and it spewed a whole lot of emotions. Somehow, I love to write when I'm emotional.

      Yes, 10 years and I can't even believe that I haven't prepared something for it. I mean, I did have ideas but somehow, I feel like being grand about it is too much. I just wanted to celebrate simply, not do so much horn-tooting about it, you know...Kind of like celebrate it only with friends privately, of sorts. Like when you only want to invite those who really appreciate you in your house party hahah I don't know, maybe I have so much grand plans that I couldn't execute them anyway because I only have two hands? hahahah

      Wow, you were in Doll Observers, too? What happened to the site now? I haven't been there for maybe 5 years now.. Just now, I found they an active Facebook group so that's good ;) I did meet a lot of doll collectors from there, which is great.

      Wow, you wanted to make them, too? I also wanted to take pics of dioramas like the ones I see in Barbie boxes and books, and the ones from Japan (Licca chan, I believe). We are already doing that old childhood dream, my friend!

      The conditioning that we were brought up with, right? You were so right. That was how my husband would answer me when I comment on a big beautiful house that we pass by hahaha. I mean, I don't want to own one, but I want to try living in one, even for a month hahaha! I notice that I like dreaming up dwellings, I even wanted to take up architecture back in college but my parents couldn't send me to a good school. Yes, it's okay to work, while understanding that it is a tool to profit from - and you should keep your profit to build your own wealth, not to buy the latest pair of sneakers. Trust me, I've been there. Being the youngest Gen X, I was conditioned to buy, buy, buy. Now I'm starting to purge and I'm so happy I realized it sooner. Being a doll collector helped me realize it.

      Wow, I love your idea of a one-on-one coaching of sorts! I might give that a try, but would anybody want that? hahahha I guess discount coupons and pattern giveaways are a staple - they're easy and still giving the same value to the winners, right? I can't give away physical stuff right now as the shipping is way tooo expensive.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, my friend. I always enjoy chatting with you here because I get to expand on the topics I blogged about, and even more so, I get to have fun listening in to your own ventures! It's like having you in my doll room, if I had one, that is hahaha

      Thank you so much in advance for the anniversary greetings, I really appreciate you for always coming over here! I've never been this excited to create content for you guys so I hope to see you again next time, dear!

      Much love,

    2. Yes, I was, but I was mostly active on the Monster High group. I spoke with Simon, the administrator of Doll Observers, and he told me he had problems with the hosting service, so he had to move the site around to different hostings every few years. This really put off many of the older users, so the site ended up dieing.

      I don't think this could be ready in time because it's a lot of work, but I have also thought it could be nice to create a paid course for a platform such as Udemy or Creana. Maybe you could get a few coins from random strangers and do a giveaway for your next anniversary of a 100% discount coupon for a lucky winner. It is something I've been considering doing myself if I ever perfect my diorama creating skills. It must be a lot of work, but its something worth considering.

      I do like Champagne's idea of the design contest and getting to be part of the creative process. One of my issues is that I don't understand the process of creating a pattern, so it could be a learning experience.

    3. It's really hard to maintain a group, finance-wise because at best, most people are just here for fun, not for business or anything. That is why I sorted to Facebook groups, but sadly, I have missed to include those that didn't want to have Facebook accounts.

      Ah, yeah... I actually I'm cooking up a digital course, but I will have to stay super secretive about it (well, it's not a secret now hahaha) or at least the details but I hope it can work. I probably will create a small beta group to do it. I'll of course announce it when I more or less prepared enough. As for the 100% discount, yes, that is totally doable and I have done it in the past with some people. I definitely will give an all-year access to all my patterns to a few lucky winners. If you would join the contest, I wish you much luck, my dear!

      I agree the pattern making part is the hardest. I am still finding the easiest ways to do it, like testing that pattern-making bodysuit tool I created. Once I test it enough, I will teach a course on how to pattern-make using that piece.

  2. Congratulations Sasha! 10 years is such an accomplishment, not just with the blog but with your shop, also! I think it's great that you have broken the mold, so to speak, and followed your dreams and childhood ambitions, and were able to make a successful career of it. For your 10th Anniversary, I was thinking instead of a giveaway, why not have a design contest? Like have submissions for future designs, and then either you can pick one or have people vote on the one they would like to see you create. This way followers would have a chance to get involved in the creative process with you.

    1. Thank you so much, Champagne dear! I guess I was so busy to even realize that it has already been 10 years. To be honest, I just realized doing this all on my own, of course with the family and you, my friends' support, it's quite an accomplishment! I should start acknowledging my own works and fruits of labor. Thank you so much for reminding me that hehehe. I probably should have prepared something, but since it's weeks away, I might be able to prepare something wonderful.
      I love your ideas about the design contest, dear! We can fuse that too with MC's idea above! Like maybe, have people come up with designs and when we have a winner, I can coach them one-on-one! Wow, I'm so glad I asked! Thank you so much!!! Yes, I wanted the community to get involved for so long but I can't just find the right format. I want to study how it's done tonight. And I thank you so much for sharing your ideas, dear. Thank you so so soooooo much!!! xoxo - shasha

  3. Congratulations dear Shasha with your blogiversary! In all those years, when I was blogging on and off about dolls, I've followed your exciting and beautiful journey of progress on a regular basis, and your creativity and sharing of your skills with us. You are a constant in my doll collecting adventures. :) I'm pleased to having been able to see you take the steps to start your own business, I still remember that you told us and I was so happy for you. I hope you will continue to follow your dreams in the next decade(s)! I see that a lot of great ideas for your celebration already have been proposed, I like those ideas very much! My inspiration for other ideas fails me right now, but I'm sure you will do something great!

    Lots of hugs,

    Linda XXX

    1. Linda dear.. Thank you so much! I just checked and I actually started blogging about my sewing ventures from another blog, and continued on here in early 2012. I guess the anniversary that I was talking about was more for the Etsy shop, and the sewing ventures associated specifically with it.
      Thank you as always for being there during my years of ups and downs with my craft and business. Yes, I have also witnessed your pauses, and I am so glad to see you around always popping here and there. Somehow, through these years of chatting here in our blogs, we've become true friends. Such a treasure to have you around <3
      Yes, I will try to offer something really better this time, so don't worry about ideas.
      Thank you again and I am looking forward to more years of friendship here, talking about our doll collection and crafting projects, Linda!


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