For the longest time, I have always wanted to feature in this blog creative doll collectors - you know, the ones who do something with their dolls beyond just putting those beautiful things in shelves or dark drawers/boxes. I have always been inspired by creative people, and even more so if they were doll lovers like me.

So I mustered up the courage to ask them for an interview, and luckily, everyone said yes, so far! Isn't that awesome?

Here are the wonderful doll collectors I was lucky enough to pick into their creative brains:

I am aiming at growing that list because I believe that to truly feel rewarding with having a collection, small or huge, we as collectors should at least give time to be creative with the dolls we adore. This has always been my idea of a fulfilling hobby since childhood. 

If you know someone who are doing creative things around their doll collection, please drop a comment below and I will find a way to contact the person and ask for an interview with them. Thanks a bunch and I hope you enjoy reading about these creative doll collectors!



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