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11 year old me and my dollies
Hi dollies!

I believe I have been collecting dolls, mostly cheap play line, since I was small. The photo to the right is the only doll-related photo I was able to salvage from our old house, as of yet.

Life went on and some of these dollies have been given away or destroyed by my younger brothers or god knows where they went, except for Diane or Shasha (Mom insists he name's Diane, but I know the fashion doll at the center among the three is Diane. But oh well...)

Then I got back to collecting, this time as an adult.
And doll collecting has never been as easy as when you were as a child collector as we now pay bills, raise children and maintain sanity, among other things haha!

So I thought why not ask around the wonderful dolly community for tips and tricks as to how to live a doll collector's life way easier.

In these posts/topics, we discuss how each one manages to deal with each and every aspect of doll collecting. From these posts, we get ideas from generous and wonderful doll collectors all around the globe. 

As of this writing, we have already started tackling the basics, but for sure there will be more to talk about as we follow our journey to collecting dolls. Here are some of the topics already discussed:

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I will continue to add topics here as we go. If you have any doll collecting aspects that you feel needs to be addressed or discussed, or if you want to be one of the contributors for these topics, please comment below. I will surely can find a way through your doors and ask for your ideas and proven systems sooner than you think!

Chat with you soon!



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